I was captivated by The Beautiful Game for the first time watching the 2010 Word Cup final. The passion and emotion I saw on my TV was like nothing I had ever seen before. Over the years my love for the sport has only grown. As I have gotten older and more knowledgeable, I have found a passion writing about the sport I love. Here you will find articles covering a wide range of topics, but mostly related to European club teams. Manchester City being my favorite club and FC Barcelona being the most interesting club, will be regularly featured.

The Women in Sports Series features articles written by women who have been involved in sports in a variety of roles. These articles are written in their own words on their experiences. Take a look through and let their words inspire.

For my work specifically involving the USMNT please visit Chasing A Cup

Latest POSTS

ball blur championship close up

Molina Twitter Space: Players Sexually Abused

During his tell-all Twitter Space Thursday night, Romain Molina addressed widespread sexual abuse of footballers, both male and female.

soccer goal net

Romain Molina Blows Whistle on World Football

French investigative reporter Romain Molina reveled criminal activity, cover-ups and corruption throughout all of world football in a tell-all Twitter Space late Thursday night.

Manchester City Sees Out 1-0 Win

1-0 wins are not flashy. They are not ideal. Even so, they are necessary. On Saturday, Manchester City collected three important points winning 1-0.

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