Manchester City Sees Out 1-0 Win

1-0 wins are not flashy. They are not ideal. Even so, they are necessary. On Saturday, Manchester City collected three important points winning 1-0.

Lionel Messi Leaves Barcelona

In an announcement that shocked the whole world, FC Barcelona issued an official statement Thursday that the club would not be re-signing Lionel Messi. The official statement, citing the financial state of the club, announced the club could not afford to sign Messi within La Liga’s Financial Fair Play rules. This announcement coming despite the desire of both parties to sign a new contract.

Goretzka holding a flag against fascism

Off the Pitch: Leon Goretzka

Off the pitch, Leon Goretzka, Bayern Munich and Germany’s star midfielder, has been a leading voice in numerous social causes as well as COVID relief. He has spoken out against racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany-AfD) Germany’s far-right political party.

Off the Pitch: A New Series

Off the Pitch will feature articles on player work outside of the game. There are numerous footballers doing extremely important work in society; their work deserves recognition. Unfortunately, the world we live in can be harsh and cruel. The athletes featured in this series have taken the fame that comes with their career, and used it to try and improve our world.