Copa América Match Review: Argentina vs Chile

Fun and Intense

Chile and Argentina are always fun to watch. This match-up was no different. The tempo was high from start to finish with both teams creating chances. There were fouls, arguments, a bit of pushing and shoving, everything that is now expected of this match-up.

In the first half, Argentina tended to be more in control than their Chilean counterparts, although Chile threatened a few times on the break. There were multiple chances for Argentina to score, mainly through Lautaro Martinez and Nicolas Gonzalez. However, the breakthrough goal came in the 33′ off a freekick. Lionel Messi scooped it over the wall and bent it past Bravo in typical Messi fashion, giving Argentina a 1-0 lead.

The start of the second half saw a shift in the dynamic. Unlike the first half, Chile controlled the match, with Argentina on the back foot. This lead to a controversial penalty being awarded in the 57′. Arturo Vidal took the penalty for Chile, only to see it saved by Argentina’s goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez. However, Chile’s Eduardo Vargas was alert and scored the rebound pulling Chile level. Towards the end of the second half, Argentina turned up the tempo again, attempting to score the match-winner. Despite numerous set pieces and good attacking play, Argentina was unable to come up with a winner.

Overall the match was a spectacle of fairly evenly matched teams with great amounts of passion. While Argentina created better and more chances on the night, the Chilean defense was up for the challenge. Argentina probably should have been able to find the match-winner with poor finishing and poor decisions costing the team. Chile got a bit lucky with VAR ruling in their favor upon both involvements and to have seen Vidal make it out without receiving a second yellow. However, the Chilean defense deserves credit for ensuring Argentina had to settle for one point. In the end, a draw is a fair result and a decent start to the Copa América for both Argentina and Chile.

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