Goodbye NBCSN, Hello Peacock

This is going to be a little different from my usual article. It is based more in my personal concern than fact, however it is something I wanted to write. This news was hard to hear, so I decided to write, in a way to help me make sense of the decision. I hope reading it helps you, the way writing it helped me.

Wait, What!?!

The news spread rapidly. NBCSN would be gone by the end of the year, with Peacock taking over. The signs have been there. Peacock taking over some Premier League matches already. No matter how many complaints, NBC kept putting more and more matches on the streaming service. When Manchester United/Liverpool was put on Peacock, it should have been an indicator that Peacock was taking over.

This announcement is still shocking. It is one thing to notice red flags, and another to be faced with the reality of losing an entire network. NBCSN has been the home of the Premier League for many years. The network has done so much to grow the game in this country and to promote the league. Every weekend having so many matches available and so easily accessible enabled many to tune in for the first time. That will be gone now. It is a sad thing to see happen.

The Hated Peacock

First, let’s get this straight, peacocks are lovely, Peacock is the most frustrating and annoying streaming service ever created. Peacock has had issues from day one. One particular issue that is extremely concerning for the live sport watcher, is the lag time. Peacock has had lag times of over a minute, meaning every other technology and social network has informed the viewer of the event long before the viewer witnesses it. VAR can rule out a goal before the Peacock viewer even sees one has been “scored”. As Peacock is also a streaming service, the usual internet issues also apply.

Another issue with Peacock is the pay-wall. For a lot of hard-core fans, the pay-wall is annoying, but provided the individual can afford it, it gets paid for. The problem comes when someone can not afford to pay for yet another streaming service. Now someone with a deep love for their team, has no way to watch their team. The other issue with the pay-wall is that it restricts the growth of the game. No longer can someone turn on the TV and put on a Premier League match just because there is nothing else on at 6 in the morning, and end up developing a love for the game. NBC has done such a good job of growing engagement in the USA by being so easily accessible and engaging. That accessibility is not going exist once everything is on Peacock.

“Why Is There Soccer?” Day

One of the best days for the American Premier League fan is Championship Sunday, commonly referred to as, “Why is there soccer?” day. The day every station NBC has airs a Premier League match. One of the best parts of the day is watching the tweets roll in from people angry soccer is on the golf channel. Hopefully this iconic tradition is not lost with the removal of NBCSN. Along with that hopefully NBC still airs a few matches every weekend so that there is still some mainstream coverage. The end of NBCSN will be a sad day, and there will likely be repercussions across many sports, not just soccer. In the meantime, hopefully Peacock can fix their issues and American Premier League fans can still experience the wonderful coverage NBC has built up over the years.

Let’s enjoy some “Why is there soccer” Tweets and remember one of the greatest days in the Premier League calendar.

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