Molina Twitter Space: Players Sexually Abused

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During his tell-all Twitter Space Thursday night, Romain Molina addressed widespread sexual abuse of footballers, both male and female.

Player sexual abuse has been a struggle in football for decades. FIFA, the confederations, national federations, and leagues have all turned a blind eye. In some cases, organizations have aided in covering up player abuse claims. Additionally, governing bodies have knowingly enabled abuse to occur.

The following are Molina’s specific stories about player sexual abuse. Translations from Reddit and Twitter.

  • Over 400 current players in the top four divisions of English football (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2) were raped as children. Some of these players have gone to specialists for treatment of injuries and diseases as a result of the rape. This has been occurring for two decades.
  • FIFA is pushing to grow the women’s game, but is ignoring widespread, world-wide abuse.
  • A player from Spezia’s academy has disappeared. Human trafficking and a Nigerian academy founded by the club president are believed to be involved.
  • Sexual abuse is rampant in the Mongolian FA. The abuse includes the U15 girls. One Mongolian coach reportedly asked to sleep with a player’s grandmother in exchange for a starting spot.
  • United States International Megan Rapinoe was more interested in money than working to defend young Haitian girls from rampant abuse within the Haitian federation.

FIFA is currently investigating the Mongolian FA for the sexual abuse claims related to the U15 girls team. Former U15 coach Uchralsaikhan Buuveibaatar has received a sanction as a result.

Last year FIFA opened an investigation into the Haitian football federation over sexual abuse claims; claims Molina helped to uncover. The investigation has led to several life-time bans, including for the former president.

Both FIFA investigations are on-going.

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