Off the Pitch: A New Series

Off the Pitch will feature articles on player work outside of the game. There are numerous footballers doing extremely important work in society; their work deserves recognition. Unfortunately, the world we live in can be harsh and cruel. The athletes featured in this series have taken the fame that comes with their career, and used it to try and improve our world.

While each of these featured athletes are doing incredible work off the pitch, the job does not end with them. Every single person has the responsibility to become an advocate. Hopefully, this series will also help each reader to find a cause to advocate for in their own community. Many of the issues the featured athletes are working to combat, exist all over the globe.

Off the Pitch will be an on-going series. In order to ensure the continuation of this series, comment names of footballers deserving of a feature on this post, or any other Off the Pitch feature.

The Features

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