Romain Molina Blows Whistle on World Football

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French investigative reporter Romain Molina blew the whistle on world football in a Twitter Space late Thursday night. He reveled criminal activity, cover-ups and corruption throughout football.

Topics discussed in the Space included: sexual abuse of players, crimes committed by players, pedophilia, drug usage by players, international corruption, club corruption and more. The allegations covered all areas and levels of football, from FIFA down to lower-division clubs, all across the world.

The Twitter Space, hosted in French and lasting several hours, drew thousands of listeners from across the globe. Prominent journalists, players, celebrities and official club accounts joined the Space at various points.

Last year, Molina’s investigation into the Haitian football federation reveled widespread sexual abuse. FIFA banned Haitian federation president Yves Jean-Bart, among others, for life following their own investigation. The FIFA investigation is still ongoing.

Molina has worked with the BBC, the New York Times and the Guardian, as well as other leading news organizations.

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